Acne after coming off steroids

Recently my skin really, really, broke out bad. I’m 59 yo. So bad I went on a garlic & liver cleanse for seven days, thinking I had an internal yeast build up. That helped a little, but my skin kept breaking out. Then I acquired some copper colloidal products and applied them to the surface of my skin and stopped it after three days. But then it started up again. So, I asked out loud, what am I eating that is making me break out? I had a flash of thought that it might be a dairy allergy and queried the internet and found your article, and read through your story. Sure enough, my thoughts went to what I had been eating a lot of, recently, and it turned out to be vanilla ice cream- comfort food. I had no idea that even the organic dairy was full of the hormone IGF-1, and that it acted like an opioid. Thank you for the article, I’m now going back to almond, and coconut versions of milk and ice cream.

However, I want to make a small quibble with one bit in this blog. You say that ovulation “occurs precisely at the start of week three of the cycle” and this is most certainly NOT the case for all women. The perfect 28-day cycle is a myth. I don’t know whether every woman’s cycle “should” be 28 days exactly with ovulation occurring precisely at day 14. Maybe that’s how it is for everyone when hormones are in perfect balance. But that isn’t the reality. I ovulate around day 20-23 (and have ~35 day cycles) and some women ovulate around day 10-12.

Acne after coming off steroids

acne after coming off steroids


acne after coming off steroidsacne after coming off steroidsacne after coming off steroidsacne after coming off steroidsacne after coming off steroids