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Unless otherwise indicated or the context otherwise requires, references to the "Company", "we", "us" and "our" refer to Horizon Pharma plc and its consolidated subsidiaries, including its predecessor Horizon Pharma, Inc., or HPI. All references to "Vidara" are references to Horizon Pharma plc (formerly known as Vidara Therapeutics International Public Limited Company) and its consolidated subsidiaries prior to the effective time of the merger of the businesses of HPI and Vidara on September 19, 2014, or the Vidara Merger. The disclosures in this report relating to the pre-Vidara Merger business of Horizon Pharma plc, unless noted as being the business of Vidara prior to the Vidara Merger, pertain to the business of HPI prior to the Vidara Merger.  ... More ...  

Samantha Amaba began participating in research in 1992, when she took part in Cardiology Device Research at a large teaching hospital in Memphis, TN. After acquiring a wealth of research experience, Samantha relocated to South Florida where she became involved in Pharmaceutical Research, in particular managing Phase I-IV Clinical Trials. She has substantial management experience in Special Populations as well. Samantha has demonstrated exceptional ability to direct multiple million-dollar trials with complete satisfaction from clients.

Through the years, Samantha has maintained an excellent relationship and reputation within the pharmaceutical industry. Her passion for Clinical Research has proven to be the avenue to her success!

Key players in this domain include the MIT Clinical Machine Learning Group , whose precision medicine research is focused on the development of algorithms to better understand disease processes and design for effective treatment of diseases like Type 2 diabetes.  Microsoft’s Project Hanover  is using ML technologies in multiple initiatives, including a collaboration with the Knight Cancer Institute to develop AI technology for cancer precision treatment, with a current focus on developing an approach to personalize drug combinations for Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) .

Advanced pharma tech steroids

advanced pharma tech steroids


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