Afraid of needles steroids

Great article. Thanks for the reminder. I’m definitely one of those who should know better but often don’t change the needle for a quick mending project or such. And for those who make bags out of denim or canvas, you can get needles up to size 24 I believe and when you’ve got a lot of layers of a 12+ oz. canvas, a hefty enough needle can make or break your project. (The right thread as well!) I think I learned this tip from my mother: You should never be able to hear the needle going through the fabric, if you can it’s the wrong needle.

I can also supply new GRAMOPHONE NEEDLES of various types INCLUDING SOME fibre thorn needles. For details of these and how to order Click on the "Needles" button I also have a number of unused old stock of gramophone mainsprings. Details on request. I work from home and you are very welcome to visit me at my workshop in West Pentire. It's best to ring first to make sure I'm there. CAN I REMIND YOU THAT THE VINTAGE GRAMOPHONES PLAY 78 RPM RECORDS ONLY. GRAMOPHONES DON'T PLAY "VINYL".  I AM AFRAID THAT I CANNOT UNDERTAKE TO SEND MACHINES OUT OF THE UK. I CAN ARRANGE TO POST SMALLER MACHINES WITHIN THE UK BUT LARGER GRAMOPHONES AND PHONOGRAPHS WILL HAVE TO BE COLLECTED FROM MY WORKSHOP IN CORNWALL OR I CAN DELIVER AT A REASONABLE DISTANCE FROM TR8 5SE..

Afraid of needles steroids

afraid of needles steroids


afraid of needles steroidsafraid of needles steroidsafraid of needles steroidsafraid of needles steroidsafraid of needles steroids