Alternativa kortikosteroidima

Leats were also used extensively by the Romans , and can still be seen at many sites, such as the Dolaucothi goldmines. They used the aqueducts to prospect for ores by sluicing away the overburden of soil to reveal the bedrock in a method known as hushing . They could then attack the ore veins by fire-setting , quench with water from a tank above the workings, and remove the debris with waves of water, a method still used in hydraulic mining . The water supply could then be used for washing the ore after crushing by simple machines also driven by water.

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Dear sir, i am suffering in throat vocal cord problem some little mask on both side my sound is going down and chang not understand my voice any person my doctor suggest me operate it last week we done operate now still my sound is not clear and soweek no any pain no blood doctor when operate it some little tissue remove it and send to C5 test no any extra diseases between time i am using 200mcg lugol's iodine with water orally its suitable for me or other suggestion pls inform to my mailing id i am poor man not afford extra money for doctor fee pls help need your suggestions

Alternativa kortikosteroidima

alternativa kortikosteroidima


alternativa kortikosteroidimaalternativa kortikosteroidimaalternativa kortikosteroidimaalternativa kortikosteroidimaalternativa kortikosteroidima