Bodybuilder steroids before and after

When you are supplementing with bodybuilding steroids of a testosterone nature you will find they come in many ester based forms but in the end each one is simply testosterone. The common belief is that short ester forms such as Testosterone-Propionate will cause you to hold much less water and this can be true to a slight extent in some people but by-in-large the only reason one is holding less water is because he’s dieting and taking in fewer carbohydrates. You can just as easily end up ripped to the bone, completely shredded with long ester based forms such as Testosterone-Cypionate or Testosterone-Enanthate; in the end, it’s all testosterone.

It is the biggest lie of all and the most commonly used but the truth remains the same. Responsible anabolic steroid use has been proven time and gain to be not only non-lethal but highly beneficial to the individual at hand in-terms of overall quality of life. For those of supraphysiologic dosing range, while side-effects can at times become more prevalent adverse side-effects is a far cry from death. In-fact, there is no direct link to anabolic steroid use and death, not one single case, again, not one single case. Wait, but if anabolic steroids kill you shouldn’t there be at least one instance of support; shouldn’t all of these bodybuilders on steroids be dropping like flies; shouldn’t all the bodybuilders of the “Golden Era” be dead by now instead of living well into their golden years? Well, if there were any truth to the matter then sure, but there’s not and we have all the living proof we need.

Bodybuilder steroids before and after

bodybuilder steroids before and after


bodybuilder steroids before and afterbodybuilder steroids before and afterbodybuilder steroids before and afterbodybuilder steroids before and afterbodybuilder steroids before and after