Bostin loyd steroid list

steroids for recreational use... I don't like that. There's no purpose in recreational steroid use IMO. If you're not competing or have a medical problem dictating the use of AAS, then you shouldn't touch them.. just my opinion... Personally bro, I really believe that the pros use a moderate dose of AAS while busting the shit out of, taboo subject, gh and peps... it's really hard to know the truth exactly but hard work pays off more than any kind of drug IMO. Listen to Rich Piana, then list to Lee Priest, what they say is complete opposite of each other, both IFBB pros, or once was.. I really think there is no set amount with this guys right now they just go full throttle, well a good majority of them do, I presume. But like I said dude, it's really hard to get the honest truth.

The scientific reasoning here is amazing. You guys realize that giving examples of 5 ppl who died from juicing or ten ppl who lived is utterly ridiculous, right? Given the millions of ppl who use/have used. Also there are scientific facts about all of these substances, which you can read about and make informed decisions. Almost everyone here is giving an emotional argument about a very practical and scientific problem. In a year I’ll check back for progress. Here’s a tip, there’s truth in what most of you are saying, but life is never that simple or one sided as your arguments. Leave the gym occasionally and interact with humans who are not obsessed with themselves and you’ll find a whole world of people who can have discussions without putting their d**k on the table or yelling to prove they are “more right than you.”

Bostin loyd steroid list

bostin loyd steroid list


bostin loyd steroid listbostin loyd steroid list