Contoh kortikosteroid sistemik

Characterized clinically by rash that worsens on subsequent or repetitive administration

  • Hepatotoksisitas
Drug-induced hepatotoksisitas telah dikaitkan dengan lebih dari 800 obat-obatan. Tingkat keparahan obat-induced hepatotoksisitas dapat berkisar dari perubahan ringan dalam tes fungsi hati kegagalan hati. cedera hati akut dapat sitotoksik atau kolestasis. cedera sitotoksik melibatkan cedera langsung ke hepatosit dengan nekrosis yang dapat lokal atau menyebar di seluruh hati. konsentrasi aminotransferase dapat diangkat hingga 500 kali konsentrasi normal.

Working with experts from the Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database, an independent research group, we identified a group of ingredients (out of nearly 1,100 in the database) linked to serious adverse events by clinical research or case reports. To come up with our dozen finalists, we also considered factors such as whether the ingredients were effective for their purported uses and how readily available they were to consumers. We then shopped for them online and in stores near our Yonkers, ., headquarters and easily found all of them for sale in June 2010.

Contoh kortikosteroid sistemik

contoh kortikosteroid sistemik


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