Depo medrol steroid shot

Reta, I know what you mean, oxycontin is way too expensive!! There are many meds. that can be just as effective & even more effective & a LOT cheaper. Everyone is different & what works for one may not work for another. It also depends on what is causing your pain as opioids are not a one size fits all. You need to tell your doc that it is just too expensive & he should have no problem giving you something different. Be Careful of stopping a time release med. like oxycontin that you have been on for awhile as stopping “cold turkey” can be dangerous, so you need to let your doc know asap. I hope all goes well.

In these last few days, I squeezed the remaining amounts of Zanfel from a tube I bought several years ago. It worked to reduce the itching and rash from a local PI infection on my leg. Zanfel did the job for me twice before on local PI infections so I definitely got my money’s worth. However, when I bought it, I, like others here, winched at the price and nearly put it back on the shelf. Later on, when I read through the Zanfel patent online, I was planning to try mixing toothpaste with nonoxynol-9, maybe add a little Tide and sand. But I’m glad to hear that cheaper generic versions of Zanfel are now available. Seems like the various generic versions lack the nonoxynol-9, but it’s pretty easy to add that in, and see if it really makes such a difference. (PS: Thanks vauron for posting your experiment findings.)

Depo medrol steroid shot

depo medrol steroid shot


depo medrol steroid shotdepo medrol steroid shotdepo medrol steroid shotdepo medrol steroid shotdepo medrol steroid shot