Failed steroid test

If you are an athlete or someone who keeps up with sports at any level youve heard of BALCO and the scandal that surrounded. The Bay Area Laboratory Cooperative BALCO in the simplest of terms took what the Germans used to do and absolutely perfected it. While numerous performance enhancing drugs were administered to athletes by BALCO, including the largely undetectable peptide Human Growth Hormone it was The Cream a transdermal testosterone that took the all-time prize as the greatest steroid testing basher of the ages. Comprised of a mixture of approximately 50% testosterone and 50% epitestosterone this drug was absolutely undetectable; no matter how many test applied the athlete would pass every single time. While this steroid cream was not the strongest by any means it was enough to add a boost and by its undetectable nature it was a favorite of many athletes.

At any rate, something is amiss.  I also find it somewhat interesting that the first drug test failure (well, that was made public but theoretically they're all supposed to be made public) that I can remember since Rey Mysterio was popped for painkillers without a proper prescription on August 27, 2009.  This case also seemed odd, because he was in the middle of heated negotiations with WWE at the time and failures for painkillers were rare: None of the wrestlers who were sent to rehab or fired for painkiller issues had ever failed a test for painkillers.  Anyway, not only does it seem like way too long without any drug test failures (especially with Matt Hardy's issues last year) but, I also find it curious that the first failure since Rey almost two years ago is the wrestler being groomed to replace him.

Failed steroid test

failed steroid test


failed steroid testfailed steroid testfailed steroid testfailed steroid testfailed steroid test