Immunosuppression caused by steroids

B cells (B Lymphocytes) are cells in the bone marrow which develop into plasma cells that produce antibodies. Rituximab is an artificially produced antibody that attacks B lymphocytes, a single dose (or 2 doses) lowering B cell counts for many months. This has only slow effects on antibody levels, as the plasma cells that are producing antibodies are not targeted by the antibody. However Rituximab and other B cell antibodies seems to reduce autoantibody levels slowly in some conditions, and can also help in some other autoimmune diseases, even when autoantibodies aren't obviously the problem. 

I started out on 750mg of Keppra.   After spending 3 days in the hospital after a wreck from having a seizure and blacking out my doctor raised the dosage to 1000mg twice daily.   The seizures still continue and I take my medicine on schedule daily.  Now my doctor has added 100mg Neurontin, 2 pills every 8 hours.  I've had 1 seizure since starting this medicine.  It was very mild, not as intense as some have been.   I've only been taking these new ones along with the Keppra for almost 2 months now.  I haven't had any side effects from the new medicine either.

Some people in the world still deal with this risk. Live, attenuated polio vaccines are used in some regions where polio is endemic because those who get the live, attenuated vaccine are able to pass on their immunity to others around them, which helps spread immunity more quickly. People are also able to take the live, attenuated vaccine by mouth, instead of in a shot, so it's quicker and easier to get to people in regions where there are few doctors and nurses. Different countries must judge the risks and benefits of the oral polio vaccine differently; even the . had once judged the live, attenuated vaccine worth the risk, when there was nothing better available.

Immunosuppression caused by steroids

immunosuppression caused by steroids


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