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Dr. Brand has published over 330 scientific papers, which have been cited more than 30,000 times by other scientists. His research has been recognized by awards of the Keilin Medal of the Biochemical Society and a senior scholarship from the Ellison Medical Foundation, and by his election as a fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences (UK). He serves on the editorial board of several scientific journals (Aging Cell, Biochimica et Biophysica Acta, Cell Metabolism, Physiological and Biochemical Zoology) and the scientific advisory boards of Mitochon Pharmaceuticals and Ogenx Therapeutics.

Researchers at Cardiff University in the UK have confirmed that horizontal transfer of transgenic DNA occurs at detectable levels using a similar system [30]. Transgene sequences kanamycin resistance ( nptII ) and green flourescent protein (gfp) were driven by their own bacterial promoters. Recipient bacteria carried a copy of these two genes with deletions in their 3’ ends abolishing marker activity. Successful recombination between the plant transgene and the bacterial genome resulted in restoration of the markers, allowing detection through antibiotic selection and fluorescence. Measurable transformation frequencies were obtained in increasingly complex conditions approaching field conditions. In sterile soil microcosms, transformation was detected using pure plant DNA at x 10 -8 and in ground leaves at x 10 -11 transformants per recipient; for non-sterile soil using pure plant DNA, the frequency was x 10 -11 transformants per recipient.

Nadya Mikdashi, a Lebanese addiction specialist who runs Skoun , Lebanon’s only outpatient treatment center, was not surprised to hear that soldiers on all sides of Syria’s conflict have turned to amphetamines. “Historically, fighters always used drugs,” she says. “Since the beginning of availability of synthetic drugs as well, you know, this has been going on.” Only a few patients in her facility have come in contact with Captagon, but Mikdashi is worried by the recent reports of shipments from Syria being intercepted by authorities from Dubai to the West Bank. “Where are these drugs going? To the Gulf, to Sudan, to different places.…A lot of people in the region are using amphetamines.”

Isis pharmaceuticals oxandrolone

isis pharmaceuticals oxandrolone


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