Mr. olympia steroid policy

Half a lifetime dieting and training to win bodybuilding's most converted prize, the Mr. Olympia, has given Shawn unparalleled insight concerning bodybuilding politics and the professional system as a whole: he feels the system needs to change to accommodate a dwindling fan base and reward the athletes who are overlooked in favor of the more massive individuals. "I walked away from competition because I wanted to live a healthier life" said Shawn. "I didn't want to raise the bar to the standard the judges are now rewarding."

I know it’s more reminiscent of an old school cycle but I honestly would not doubt that many pro bodybuilders are still following the concept of low dose cycles in order to avoid strong muscle wasting hormones build up when quitting cold turkey prior to competition. Think of it like someone trying to quit smoking a pack a day all at once without scaling down to lesser smokes per day. The withdrawal is intense because all the neurotransmitters that were boosted during smoking drop dramatically once the nicotine leaves the body. Same goes with anabolics, once you stop taking them, the hormones that cause destruction of muscles rise to compensate for the prolonged period of muscle building hormones occupying all the muscle tissues. Now if you take lower amounts of steroids, then switch to a testosterone booster like Test Stack 17 or Phytoserms , the rebound will be almost non-existent.

Mr. olympia steroid policy

mr. olympia steroid policy


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