Pauly d steroids 2012

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What’s most interesting is that constantly, between you and Leah, AND people that come tell their stories on the show; they often talk about their friends in Scientology and that there are plenty of good people in Scientology. I’m not sure how that’s spreading ‘hate’, but then again all of their excuses are them accusing people of doing what THEY do. Abuse, hate, exploitation, etc. Just like the old adage ‘you’re as sick as your secrets’, someone needs to tell ‘Scientology’ that the truth will set them free. But then again they won’t be a multi million/billion dollar empire of they do so.

Rumors that Pauly D’s puffier face is related to steroid use is, for now, unconfirmed gossip. However, what can be confirmed is that he was one of the only Jersey Shore guys to get on Snooki’s wedding guest list. The Daily Mail reports that the bride’s former co-stars, Vinny Guadagnino and Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino (who was recently in court on tax fraud charges) were not invited to to witness the mother of two marry her long-time boyfriend.
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Pauly d steroids 2012

pauly d steroids 2012


pauly d steroids 2012pauly d steroids 2012pauly d steroids 2012pauly d steroids 2012pauly d steroids 2012