Possible get 20 inch arms without steroids

Your argument has a big flaw. "God is perfect and does not make mistakes." Explain cancer, explain the west nile virus, explain polio, explain any one of the countless diseases that have killed humans throughout the ages. If God also made them (he did after all create everything) then there are three theories that come to mind as to why: 1 He wanted to kill a bunch of us, or 2 He wanted us to find a way to make ourselves and our world better. 3 He made a mistake. But wait! God created that illness we have no right to destroy it. Oh wait, it was a test, what? We passed? We get to go on? Yay! If, however, the illnesses were a mistake then He is flawed and the entire basis of Christianity fails. By the way, are you also saying that the women who have problems becoming pregnant shouldn't seek to overcome the problem because God made them that way? Should we just give up all research? (Wait until you get cancer, maybe kidney failure, or need bypass surgery, see how long that POV lasts.) Do you want humanity to revert to the middle ages? You sited the decay of society as an issue because of homosexuality, but look at the inquisition, the crusades, and countless other wars. Two women or two men who love each other didn't cause any of those problems and they happened well before being transgender or a homosexual was socially accepted. But I digress. Back to my main point. We are evolving, both through natural genetics and science. We have the ability to better the world around us, and hopefully, ourselves. I see no problem with finding a safe way for men to have children. It's evolution through science. Homosexuality is much the same as the diseases I listed at the beginning of this post. Either He created these people to the way he wanted, including who they love, and their need to be they gender they feel, or He made a mistake with them by telling their brains to seek out their own gender or seek to be another gender. If it is the first option then who is to say that God doesn't want us to seek to better and improve ourselves by becoming who He told us to be inside our own minds. If it's the second, there goes Christianity again, Shame on you for tearing down an entire religion.

Now, I realize that what I did was a “shock” routine; which broke me out of a rut. Now, as a regular schedule, I’d recommend training each bodypart with limited sets only every 4 to 5 days. But what I did worked. I had experimented with steroids at 18 for a few months; but never took them again. Never since before I turned 19. This “shock” routine worked BETTER than when I took that bottle of D-ball my firend at the gym had sold me. I did this routine at home. I made my own pully with rope from the hardware store and I made a “Scott” bench. I had 2, 4×4’s attached to a cross- board nailed to the studs up near the ceiling. The 4×4’s were about 40 inches apart and came down to the floor at a high angle. I had large holes drill about half-way into the 4×4’s so that I could place large bolts into them at different heights. I could also lay another 4×4 across, which I had rounded off and padded, and get between the wall and the rails to do my “Scott” curls. I put another board across the rails (high up) to attach a pully to. That was years ago; so you’ve come way too late to tell me that a natural guy can’t build big, cut arms. I did it; and most of that extra size lasted years afterwards, when I went back to normal training (though not as cut and impressive as when I followed this routine [my arm muscles didn’t “pop out” as much]). And I never took a steroid after my 18th year. I don’t mean to sound flippant; but “I KNOW” it can be done. You can get your arms past 16 inches naturally. I’m glad I didn’t read this article in a magazine years ago. I might not have even tried.

Possible get 20 inch arms without steroids

possible get 20 inch arms without steroids


possible get 20 inch arms without steroidspossible get 20 inch arms without steroidspossible get 20 inch arms without steroidspossible get 20 inch arms without steroidspossible get 20 inch arms without steroids