Reumofan plus ingredients steroids

The laboratories which examined Reumofan Plus revealed that they found several undeclared ingredients in the product that are potentially harmful. The ingredients which were found in the analysis contain dexamethasone, methocarbamol and diclofenac sodium. You will find these ingredients on the label of this product as it remains undeclared and use of these ingredients can cause severe harm to you. One of the ingredients is dexamethasone which is found in the product, is a corticosteroid that is mainly used because of its anti-inflammatory features. It not only decreases the immune response of the body but also affects the different organ system of the body. Long use may result into serious complications such as high blood pressure, rapid change in the sugar levels, adrenal dysfunction, psychiatric problem, damage to bones and infections. The adverse effects of using this product are such that it makes you addicted to it and immediate discontinuation of the drug may trigger health problems. Immediate discontinuation after a long use may result in low sugar levels, low blood pressure, nausea, fever, and fatigue, shortness of breath, muscle cramps, joint pain and dizziness. Methocarbamol is used as a muscle relaxant, but long-term use may result in low blood pressure, sedation and dizziness. Its complication is as such that it can affect mental and physical strength. It can cause mental impairment and undermine physical strength which can cause you problems in performing tasks like driving or operating machines. The degree of severity increases when it is taken by other medications which have the potential to cause same damage.

When taking this medicine for arthritis or other rheumatic disorders it is recommended to be taking daily dose of one capsule every eight hours for a period of seven days. The next week the does should be changed and the pill should be taken every twelve hours. For week three the does should reduce back down to one pill every day. Then during the fourth week it is recommended that you should be taking a pill every other day.  Dosage should be reduced gradually. If this is not done than the rapid withdrawal may cause secondary adrenocortical insufficiency.

Another drawback of prolotherapy is that it is not covered by several major medical insurance policies, although some policy reviews have also been considered upon the demand from practitioners. Regardless of criticism and controversy, however, prolotherapy is still a better alternative for expensive and risky surgery, especially in case of spinal defects. Besides, many studies have shown that adverse side effects are quite rare and the treatment can generally be considered safe. Nevertheless, it is essential to conduct a full risk-benefit analysis before undergoing this type of treatment, not to mention extensive medical advice.

Reumofan plus ingredients steroids

reumofan plus ingredients steroids


reumofan plus ingredients steroidsreumofan plus ingredients steroidsreumofan plus ingredients steroidsreumofan plus ingredients steroidsreumofan plus ingredients steroids