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The film centers around a series of deadly shark attacks in New Jersey . Drilling for a new park attracts rare sharks which slowly devour the tourists. In the middle of the movie, the character 'Nookie' is invited over to a yacht party which turns deadly as the sharks attack the vessel. They are rescued and they move on to save the main character's dad who had jumped in the water to save a stranded girl. At the end a reporter says that the attacks are over. However, a shark jumps out of the water and the screen cuts to black. The torment is far from over.

Ronnie previously opened up exclusively to In Touch about his love life with Jen and his desire to start a family of his own. “My love is good. I actually have a girlfriend right now. We’ve been together for a little bit now. It’ been longer than most of my relationships besides with [ Jersey Shore co-star Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola],” he revealed. “No high-profile this time. It’s super low-profile.” When asked about his plans to get married and have kids, he cryptically revealed, “I’m focusing on getting my life together, what the next step is in my life and what I want to do. I want to have myself together before I try to make a family or something like that. Have a marriage — you know, you can’t have one person trying to get their life together. I want to make it work.”

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No Comments » Wed, 28 February 2018 Tweet 'Jersey Shore Family Vacation' Renewed for Season 2 Jersey Shore Family Vacation is going to get a second season – and the first season hasn’t even aired yet!

Ronnie ortiz magro steroids

ronnie ortiz magro steroids


ronnie ortiz magro steroidsronnie ortiz magro steroidsronnie ortiz magro steroidsronnie ortiz magro steroidsronnie ortiz magro steroids