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THANK YOU and here's an update: Day 10 or 11 - eyes still swollen/bleeding & his muzzle has bumps/swollen now.  I spent hours and hours but finally got to talk to the yard spray company & given a case#, and worked with their medical department who worked with our Vet and the national animal poison control.  They have several human allergy/poison cases but not many domestic animals, if any.  His symptoms are almost identical though.  The concentration levels in the yard must still be present because he was getting a little better after the steroid shots, drops, antibiotics, bath, & limited use of back yard until day 8 he was in the back yard for 3 hours and everything flared up to the point of bleeding.  The Vet called this morning after talking with the company and poison control so the new course of treatment will be steroid pills and vitamin E oil, warm packs, antibiotics, and double-up on the bendryl.  The sprinklers probably re-activated it at least to high enough levels to affect him so now we are running them daily to try and flush it out of the soil.  The company denies it re-activates but the Vet said probably and I think the animal poison did too.  The Vet said it may be 3 weeks before toxic/allergen concentration levels no longer harmful to him.  BTW, this was just an over-the-counter spray and its only warning was to avoid swallowing it.  The company says its not toxic after the initial application and thinks he had an allergic reaction but it still ticks me off that their warning label was so piss poor - especially what symptoms to look for and/or what to do about it.  The "directions" just say to not allow children or pets into treated area until dry.  On the back the "precautionary statements" are that its hazardous to humans and domestic animals but that statement is just before it gives a "firstaid" caution about swalling it.  Then its 2nd warning is about an  "environmental hazard" that says its extremely toxic to fish.  Do not contaminate water disposing of equipment washwaters.  Do not apply directly to water.  Drift and runoff treated areas may be hazardous to aquatic organisms in neighboring areas.  This product is highly toxic to bees exposed to direct treatment or residues on blooming crops or weeds.  Do not apply this product or allow it to drift to blooming crops or weeds if bees are visiting the treatment area.   Interesting how that much of a warning label talks about water yet the company says its not re-activated with sprinklers or rain - hhhmmm.....very frustrating!  Had we known what possible reactions there could be - especially if involving the eyesight - we would have never used it.  It's been a lot of money and heartache and we are only 1/2 way through this.     

One drawback to Brennan’s study is that, unlike Kouri’s, there was evidence of attempted deception.  Several people had to be excluded from the non-users’ group because they were either definitely on steroids (they failed the urine test), or probably on steroids (in the researchers’ words, they had “implausibly high muscularity and low body fat despite denial of AAS use”).  However, even if a couple of users slipped in, they probably didn’t skew the data too much.  The sample size for nonusers was big enough (131 people) that a few bad apples wouldn’t spoil the whole bunch, and the researchers were excluding suspiciously jacked people anyways, so if a few users did slip in, they apparently weren’t swole enough to raise any red flags.

Steroids for dogs for sale

steroids for dogs for sale


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