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I love this juice!

I have had a couple of decants of Aventus that were smokey.

So on initial spray there is a burst of strong lemon, but the smokiness is there in the background, you can smell it in the scent cloud around you. But sniffing your skin you get strong lemon. Is it disenfectant strong like some say, no, but hey you know Internet forums, everything is over dramatised.

The lemon subsides and the smokiness comes to the fore with a hint of pineapple. But it’s the smokiness that is more prominent. Anyone that says it doesn’t smell like Aventus is either talking crap or never smelt Aventus from a smokey batch. The resemblance is strong, very 90% resemblance strong.

So what makes up the 10%? The lack of pineapple as a promiment note and it’s strength. Aventus packs a punch and keeps punching for a long while. This subsides after about 3-4 hours to a skin scent. Then again, for its price, get an travel atomiser! The use of quality ingredients in Aventus is what keeps it at the top.

I would gladly have both in my collection. Aventus reserved for special occasions and this for daily use, cause I LOVE the scent and vibe! For its price, this is a must for me.

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Stewie steroids stairs

stewie steroids stairs


stewie steroids stairsstewie steroids stairsstewie steroids stairs