Tpc de stanozolol comprimido

Oxandrolone , as well as any other AAS, causes suppression of the HPT axis.  For a long time, and in many circles, it has been believed that oxandrolone did not affect the endogenous production of testosterone, but this is not true.  Although the suppression caused by oxandrolone is light and easily reversed, it does exist.  Thus, even with the rebound effect on the production of LH and testosterone, it is necessary to do the TPC at the end of the cycle, which may be a lighter TPC than the one usually used in cycles with stronger drugs.  Starting the CPT 24 hours after the very useful dose, in the first 2 weeks 100mg / day of Clomiphene + 40mg / day of Tamoxifen.  In the next 2 weeks reduce the dosage by half.  Some people perform TPC with the Purus Labs + Tribulus 1000 mg Recycle supplement per day for 4 weeks.

The injection form of an injectable steroid stanozolol is water-based which is a derivative of oral and injectable forms DHT. Both are chemicals c17-alpha-alkylated. Of course, this makes the injectable form moderately toxic to the liver and liver toxic in high doses orally. Before continuing I want to make clear that the injectable form is the same as the oral. Therefore, the injectable form has frequently been used as an oral no one has done that? Well all c17-alpha-alkylated AAS, when passing through the liver for deactivation, causes an elevation different from IGF-1 production. (Please refer to the IGF-1). This is 30 mg daily oral Dianabol (a total of 210 mg weekly) is revered as more effective for increasing the mass and strength of 400 mg of testosterone enanthate. The injectable stanozolol was much cheaper than the oral stanozolol, so some athletes chose to use as oral.

Tpc de stanozolol comprimido

tpc de stanozolol comprimido


tpc de stanozolol comprimidotpc de stanozolol comprimidotpc de stanozolol comprimidotpc de stanozolol comprimidotpc de stanozolol comprimido