Ufc fighter steroid bust

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As a celebrated amateur wrestler, Angle had an aversion to professional wrestling, considering it "beneath" him. [39] He was offered a 10-year contract with the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) following the 1996 Olympics, [40] but talks fell apart when he told company chairman Vince McMahon that he would be unwilling to lose any matches . [41] Angle's opinion of professional wrestling changed when he began watching the WWF's Monday Night Raw in 1998: he observed "world class athletes doing very athletic things", and developed an admiration for Stone Cold Steve Austin 's talents as an entertainer. [40] Angle later conceded that his negative attitude toward the industry was misguided and "stupid". [39]

Ufc fighter steroid bust

ufc fighter steroid bust


ufc fighter steroid bustufc fighter steroid bustufc fighter steroid bustufc fighter steroid bustufc fighter steroid bust